We have two dedicated funds:

General Communications & Outreach: This $10,000 annual campaign is to cover our communications, education, outreach and operational costs for the next year. We achieve our goals through providing three newsletters a year, educational events, hikes, restoration & research projects while communicating our work through an innovative new website.

Acquisition Fund: This fund is for the costs of acquiring and managing lands that we purchase. This fund includes legal and appraisal fees, plus an additional 15% management over time.

There are 3 ways to send your donation:

  • E-transfer to linc (at) lasqueti (dot) ca  Make sure you include your address and fund of choice in your email message to receive a charity receipt)
  • Mail us a cheque to LINC, General Delivery, Lasqueti Island, BC V0R 2J0
  • Visit for monthly, credit card, or other donation options

Thank you for your donation!